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TNEA 2013 Random Number

TNEA 2013 Random Number

TNEA 2013 Random Number will be published by the Anna University on June 5, 2013. The random number is a randomly generated number assigned to each TNEA applicant. When there is a collision between the students in the rank list the random number is used to solve the collision. The result can be viewed in the link given below. Please click the link and enter your application number to find the random number.

TNEA 2013 Random Number

TNEA 2013 Random Number


Date  : June 5, 2013

Link  : http://tnea2013.annauniversitycounselling.com/random_number
Mostly you don’t need to worry about the random number at all. since the random number is just for a rare purpose and that too will not be more important for getting college. It is just used for the purpose of allotting TNEA rank to the same cutoff mark students when their alternate subject marks, date of birth are also same.

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