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TNEA 2013 Vacancy Position – Anna University Counselling

TNEA 2013 Vacancy Position

TNEA 2013 Vacancy Position is updated in this page regularly after every counselling session. The status will help the students who are going to attend the counselling in future. They could be able to decide which college will be available for them when they go to counselling. The students can assume it also with the help of analysing the last year minimum cutoff mark for the particular college selected by the students.

TNEA 2013 Vacancy Position

TNEA 2013 Vacancy Position

The vacancy position of TNEA 2013 is updated in the following link. You can check the vacancy status based on selected branch, College, College code, District. Select your option and press ‘send’ button in the page to get the vacancy position.

Link : http://tnea2013.annauniversitycounselling.com/vacancy_position

Do you want to know the overall status of the vacancy position in the counselling till now ? please go this link : Vacancy Position Overview


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