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TNEA 2014 Random Number

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TNEA 2014 Random Number

TNEA 2014 Random Number – A random number is a number produced by a mathematical random process, whose outcome is random, and which cannot be subsequently reliably reproduced. The Random Number will be assigned to each and every TNEA 2014 candidates before the Rank calculation based on the merit.

TNEA 2014 Random Number
TNEA 2014 Random Number


The random number is used to resolve the tie between two participants when both has same cutoff, date of birth, mathematics mark, fourth subject mark. The random number is much useful for the candidate. The Random number will be 10 digit.

The random number assignment process is totally transparent. The TNEA 2014 Random Number will be published public in the web on the specified date before the media persons. Along with the random number, the raw data captured from the coding sheet of the application form and more other information obtained during the application form process will be updated. After random number assignment, the rank list will be prepared and published in the website within few days. Usually, re-evaluation marks will be released after the publication of TNEA rank list. In which case, the candidate’s marks if revised, their marks and rank will be updated on production of authenticated supporting documents. In this case the the candidate can attend the counselling on the day when his revised counselling cutoff mark counselling is happening.

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