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TNEA 2015 Certificates to be attached with application

TNEA 2015 Certificates to be attached with application

Here is the list of TNEA 2015 Certificates to be attached with application. Check each application form and if it is eligible download the certificate and get signs from the authorities. Submit the authorized certificate along with TNEA application form.

TNEA 2015 Certificates to be attached with application
TNEA 2015 Certificates to be attached with application

First Graduate Concession Certificate:

Tamil Nadu native candidates who will be the first graduate from his family and who is attending counselling and joined in professional courses in Government / Aided and Self-Financing Engineering Colleges (for Government quota) alone are eligible.  (If the applicant’s brother or sister has already availed First Graduate Tuition Fee concession for studying Professional Courses, then the applicant is not eligible for such concession) only in electric form / digitally signed e-Certificate. 

Nativity Certificate

Tamil Nadu Native candidates who have not studied any one of VIII, IX, X, XI and XII Standard or whole in Tamil Nadu needs to submit Nativity Certificate along with the application for TNEA 2015 only in electric form / digitally signed e-Certificate.  

Other Special Reservations

Certificate of Son/Daughter of Ex-Service Men

Certificate of Son/Daughter of Freedom Fighter

Medical Certificate for Orthopaedically Differently Abled Persons

Medical Certificate for Hearing Impaired

Medical Certificate for Visually Impaired

Other Generic Documents to be Attached along with TNEA application Form.

Original Documents

  • Filled-in Coding Sheet Given with Form
  • Special Reservation Form (s) with DD and Relevant Certificate (s) if applicable
  • Self addressed Stamped Envelope (s)

Photocopies attested…

  • Plus Two Mark Sheet
  • Tenth Mark Sheet
  • Community Certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate
  • HSC Hall Ticket
  • Sri Lankan Refugee Certificate (If Applicable)
  • First Graduate Certificate (If Applicable)

91 thoughts on “TNEA 2015 Certificates to be attached with application”

    1. The form/certificate template will be updated soon. Wait for it. Once when it is updated get signatures from the authorities such as Village Administrative officer, Revenue Inspector by filling it with genuine details.

        1. You have to get income certificate from Revenue Department office. First go to village administrative office to get the application and carry out basic verification. Then they will guide you for the rest.

          TNEA 2015 Help Team

      1. sir pls help me… i was applied thourgh by online and got pdf file format application but in that not have coding sheets… what can i do sir?

      2. Sir ,
        I forgot to get attested in my photocopies but I have already sent that to anna university . What should I do know sir? Help me please

  1. I am working in Karnataka but born and studied in Tamilnadu .My son has completed his schooling in Karnataka but born in Tamilnadu. Can we apply for the Tamilnadu engineering colleges. Please let me know the eligibility criteria or let us know where we can find the relevant document to go through. What is the process for applying and is there any specific quote for seats.

  2. How many times we can apply for tnea? Bcoz last year I joined in a college n discontinued in 1st….can I apply tnea for this year?

  3. sir I had completed diploma in ece..How can I get first graduate certificate ?? In thaluk office they are saying come after u r result …my diploma result will be after may 31 as mentioned in the adacemic calendar..BUT I HAVE ENCLOSE FIRST GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN COUNSELING FORM between may 21 to may 29..THEN how it is possible to attach first graduate certificate with counseling form…PLS GUIDE US

  4. Sir, I am Native of Tamilnadu and Ex serviceman, want to apply for my daughter who has studied throughout in Delhi. can she apply and get admission through TNEA. checked the TN govt sites and found for nativity certificate ration card is must,which we do not have from TN. can we get the necessary certificates from Delhi or Noida where I am staying OK. else any other category for candidates who studies from other Indian states. pls guide

    S Nagarajan

    1. The nativity certificate format will be given by the university along with the application form booklet. So you can use that to get signature from the authorities. Please wait till May 6. If you still have issues make comment here. Thank you!

  5. what is application number in first graduate certificate form?

    is nativity certificate(certificate no 1) compulsory for all?

    do i need to attach original first graduate form??

    pls help me…..

  6. sir what is the procedure for getting’ E’ certificate? .can i get it after results .how many days i need to wait?

  7. I am a student from Maharashtra but My native is tamilnadu….so way all documents should I submit??
    And my 12th results are being published on 30th may only…by before that I hav to submit your application form..then way should I write in 12th marks obtained???

  8. My daughter studied in karaikal from VII to XII STANDARD which is in pondicherry union territory. the certificates for X and XII are issued by Tamilnadu stateboard My daughter has her birth place in tamilnadu. whether I have to attach nativity certificate from tamilnadu.for applying in TNEA 2015

  9. My daughter is going to apply for TNEA 2015.

    I am working in a nationalised Bank, as officer.

    My Bank has given the salary certificate(April 2015) duly signed by the authority from HRM section.

    Will it sufficient or separate income certificate from revenue department is requuired? Please clarify immediaely


  10. how can we make payment for TNEA forms?
    should we make payment during getting the form or after getting the form by DD??

  11. I am having nativity certificate in normal paper form. what is the procedure to get digitally signed e-certificate (nativity) in electronic form and how to upload it in online application submission. Next CBSE student how to upload +2 marks right now. please clarify

  12. Please clarify that, the nativity certificate in the name of candidate or in name of her father (parent) is required to be attached.?


  13. I have a nativity certificate for my daughter in the format prescribed in the site,with the required signatures.But now the appln for TNEA requires a ‘digitally signed e-certificate’.What does that mean?

  14. I have lost my HSC hall ticket. Are there any alternative methods? (or) Is it necessary to enclose Hsc hall ticket

  15. Is Getting nativity certificate issued by revenue department through their “e-service centres” sufficient or should i get it in the prescribed format signed by VAO,RI, & Tashildar ? If so will it be construed as ” electronic form/digitally signed e-Certificate”.If you declare that nativity certificate issued by revenue department through their “e-service centres” is sufficient-then once for all ,applicants are freed of visiting offices of VAO,RI & TO.Please issue clarification early.

  16. Hi, I missed my HSc hall ticket. Can i apply to anna university? Is it necessary?
    can i apply without hall ticket? please guide me………..

  17. Is original HSC HALL TICKET essential during counselling? I have lost the original..but I have the attested photocopy.

  18. My Engineering cut off is 187..I have decided to take BE counseling for my cut off what r the best colleges I can get in Coimbatore

  19. Dear Sir,

    Is Income certificate required for all?

    I decided to take BE ECE In counselling.

    My father is ex-serviceman. kindly clear about income certificate.


  20. Dear Admin,
    Is the e-form for First Graduate application available online? The procedure of “electronic form/digital signature” is not clear. Could you please explain the steps?


  21. Sir,
    reg. application from there is no need to enclose INCOME CERTIFICATE but as per your website

    Generic Documents to be Attached along with TNEA application Form.

    Original Documents

    Filled-in Coding Sheet Given with Form
    Special Reservation Form (s) with DD and Relevant Certificate (s) if applicable
    Self addressed Stamped Envelope (s)
    Photocopies attested…

    Plus Two Mark Sheet
    Tenth Mark Sheet
    Community Certificate
    Income Certificate———————IS IT NECESSARY?
    Transfer Certificate
    HSC Hall Ticket
    Sri Lankan Refugee Certificate (If Applicable)
    First Graduate Certificate (If Applicable)


  22. I have lost my Hall ticket. Is there any alternate way? or Is it ok to apply for TNEA without Hall ticket, Could you please guide us?

  23. sir, i was applied online application for BE… i got application in pdf file… in that check list they asked original documents – filled in coding sheets? i didnt have coding sheets sir?

  24. I am First Graduate student… i need singed copy for VAO/ RI/ Dt Tha of TNEA form 2015 before apply post or courier ?????

  25. Sir, So many of us have enquired about the necessity for the submission of Income certificate for OC candidates. You have not answered a single person’s query nor your Instructions to the candidates booklet is very clear with these details. We need to know whether all the applicants irrespective of the cast and creed will have to submit the Income certificate or not. or atleast be clear and crystal whether OC candidates require to submit the income certificate or not. Pls reply immediately for the last day for submission of application forms is nearing by. If you still keep quite without answering to this question then what is the need for you to keep this website???????

  26. I am studied in maharastra state board,my results will be declared in june only.

    whether the online application form of tnea 2015 to be posted in the printed form , without marks is accepted or not?

  27. I am first Graduate in the family. So that First Graduate Certificate collection from tahsildar it take some time. So that when counseling time i can submit the
    First Graduate Certificate .

    Kindly confirm it is possible submit on counseling time.

  28. sir, i am a first graduate student.. In the application form of first graduate certificate, i got signature from VAO.. is that is enough or i have to get from Thasildar also.. I am trying to get from Thasildar also but since it is getting delayed. will the last date will be extended?

  29. sir,
    how many days the attachement form will return home ???????? councling form deliver on 29.05.2015 i m from erode

  30. my school is having my 10th original mark sheet . they said they are going to return along with the 12th original mark sheet . i am having the xerox only . is the original necessary at the time of counselling during verification .please reply imediately

  31. Sir,I lost my duplicte mark sheet provided by my school.Is there any alternative methods for that? Or can we submit attested mark sheet instead of that?

  32. Hi sir.. I’m from kerala and I got 6th rank in msc entrance examination in anna university… I got the call latter only few day before the counselling… and it say I need nativitynativitycertificate and communitycertificate.. It will not be possible to get these certificate with in 2 days.. so is it really required for students from outside TN? Hope u will reply ASAP

  33. only govt quota students are eligible to apply no graduation certificate or both govt quota and management quota students are eligible ? pls tell me.

  34. Respected Sir,

    I have completed my diploma from Tamil Nadu polytechnic college .Now
    I want join engineering second year.I have done my 10th and 12th from
    Maharashtra . And I don’t have any Residential, Nativity, or other
    government proof from Tamil Nadu since I belong to Maharashtra.

    So I need to know what all document are required during Counseling so
    that I can apply.

  35. My son attended CBSE +2 exam. he is eligible for apply tnea 2016. what any special instruction to be followed.

  36. how to get first graduate certificate. just got sign from vao, revenue inspector and tahsildar in first graduated form is enough or i need to get some other form from taluk office. which one i need to submit with counselling application form.

  37. Sir, In vellore they are not giving the First Graduate Certificate in the format of digitally e-signed certificate but in ANNA UNIVERSITY they told that we have to attach in this format only . I have in the written format shall I post the application ….. Please help me….

  38. im 2nd graduate of my family and i studied my 12th standard in AP .Is it necessary to me to submit income certificate .and is there any separate TNEA application form for other state candidates??

  39. Application to be send along with self addressed envelope, How much of stamp to be fixed? What is the size of the envelope to be enclosed? Please reply soon

  40. My brother was sent application and certificate without attested? Anything problem ?otherwise May I resent attested certificate?

  41. Respected Sir!
    I have applied for tnea engg counseling 2016 since i wanted to study in CEG. But I have completed my first year B.E in CIT Coimbatore since i didn’t get CEG last time. So this I’m giving a try But the problem is that , my transfer certificate(TC) is with the college. If i had to take the TC from college to be produced at the time of counseling, I’m afraid i had to discontinue my college to get the TC. Now, having the TC and I’ll be going to attend the counseling. In case if i don’t get CEG, or unluckily lets say im not getting even CIT.. Then, I’ll be in a big trouble. So my question is that, Is transfer certificate a must to be produced at the time of counseling or is there any other way to tackle this tough situation? Please do help! With kind request!

  42. sir my brother bsc computerscience now i applied for councencelling may i eligible to get first graduate because my brother did’t get any fees concession from goverment..

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