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TNEA 2017

11916 seats allotted in TNEA 2016

11916 seats allotted in TNEA 2016

Out 16545 students 11916 allotted seats in TNEA 2016 counselling till today (July 2, 2016). The counselling started from June 27, 2016. In this five days of counselling 16545 students called for the counselling. But 4583 students were absent to the counselling.

TNEA 2016

TNEA 2016

27.70% students were absent to the counselling till this date. This would be indirectly help the students with low cutoff to get good seats. Please check for the availability of seats at : http://vacancy.annauniversitycounselling.com for the vacancy position status.

Go to daily seat availability status at : Daily Summary

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