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TNEA 2016 Random Number

TNEA 2016 Random Number

TNEA 2016 Random Number is a unique number assigned by the Anna University to every TNEA applicant to resolve conflict in sorting TNEA rank. Random number is a computer generated number. While there is a conflict in ranking process such as two candidates has same cutoff mark, fourth  optional subject score and date of birth, the random number will be used.

TNEA 2016 Random Number

TNEA 2016 Random Number

The usage of the random number is a rare scenario. Any how, noting down the number would be useful at times. The University will publish the random number by June 20, 2016 as per the official statement. Rank list will be published by June 22, 2016.

You can check the random number at the following link: http://random.annauniversitycounselling.com

The rank list will be published after the random number generation at TNEA 2016 Rank

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