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TNEA 2017

TNEA Vacancy Position Live Links – Session Wise Update

TNEA Vacancy Position Live Links

TNEA aspirants shall use the following links to get the TNEA Vacancy Position Live links to check the vacancy details. Every day counselling vacancy status is available live on the links provided. Bookmark those links and visit it frequently before going to counselling.

TNEA Counselling Vacancy Position

TNEA Counselling Vacancy Position

Till today (June 30, 2016) 9364 students has been called for the counselling and of them 6606 students were allotted with seats. To know more about the daily updates go to Vacancy Daily Updates

First Server Link: http://vacancy.tneacounselling.net

Second server link: http://vacancy.annauniversitycounselling.com


TNEA 2017 Application Forms

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    i am unable to see the minimum cutoff marks required….PLZZZ FIXXX IT


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