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Update: TNEA 2016 Rank List Links Published

Update: TNEA 2016 Rank List Links Published

Notification for the candidates who have applied for tnea. This page is regarding the rank list which is going to be issued today. Tamil nadu engineering admission rank list indicates the rank secured by the applicants of tnea based on the cut off scored out of 200. The TNEA rank list is published by Anna University on basis applications. TNEA rank list will be issued on 22nd june at 11:00 a.m and it will be released by the Honorable Minister of  Higher Education.

TNEA 2016 Rank List

TNEA 2016 Rank List

The candidates shall get the info regarding the rank list by clicking on the below links . The rank grading shall be notified by entering the respective application form number. While checking rank the rank list link the counselling date and timings would be appeared along with the respective ranks. Anna university releases both the rank list and  the counselling date and timings together for the convenience of the candidates.  The application number must be entered carefully to know the rank and the counselling date and timings. Therefore the aspirants are requested to take a note of the counselling date and timings as it is revealing along with the rank list. The ranked will be grouped into the counselling session ordered by ranks.

TNEA Ranking Priorities:

Probably many candidates will have the same aggregate mark leading to tie, which has to be broken to ensure the impartial ranking.

  1. If two or more candidates have the same aggregate mark, the one who have scored high in maths will be ranked above.
  2. When the maths score is equal, then the Physics score is brought into consideration to break the tie.
  3.  If the tie is kept unbroken in the matter of physics, then the fourth optional subject is taken into consideration.
  4. If the score is still equal then the date of birth is brought forth. The elder one gets the benefit of being placed above in accordance with the rank.
  5. In case of the prevalence of same date of birth, then the ranking system would be proceeded with the given random numbers. The 10-digit random number assigned to each candidate decides the ranking. Candidate with the highest random number would be ranked above.


Merit List of CBSE for TNEA:

For CBSE students the mark obtained by the students in the relevant subjects in the qualified examination conducted by various boards or authority shall be equated with the marks obtained by the students in the same subjects in the qualified examination conducted by the state board of Tamil nadu by adopting the method of normalization.

Rank List Servers: http://rank.annauniversitycounselling.com  http://rank.tneacounselling.net 

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